Feel anti-social? That’s normal. Be quieter for a while. Hungry? Here’s how to comfort eat healthily. Bunking down isn’t bad.

If stressed may feel less social for a while. This is natural, feeling quieter gives you a chance to rest, heal and restore energy levels. Eating well in this period of time is essential.

When stressed we tend to ‘run on empty’ – this puts a significant demand your body, its’ organs and depletes energy resources. Take time to consider how you could improve your diet and or see a nutritionist. Good nutrition goes a long way speeding up the healing process and restoring energy levels. Nowadays nutritionists are aware of adrenal toll and can offer you tailored advice to help you bounce back. Meanwhile, choose food that is natural, choose different coloured foods, choose different types of grains and protein sources. Eat regularly. Drink water regularly.  You may find a natural omega oil supplement and multi mineral supplement helps you feel stronger- these are known for aiding your nervous system. Oh, and a little ice-cream isn’t going to harm either.