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We hope that you are interested in finding out more, and or, will tell us how we can help you. Please do not hesitate to ask via email or request to join the mailing list for updates. In the meanwhile…

2018 – was grounded in research and development. I’m keen for Pocket Stress Buster to be scientifically effective and so I’m delighted to have won an EDUCATE award as stamped on our site map below.  

2019 – we launch! We are currently building out some adjustments that evolved from research. We plan to run another research test soon and then launch – to bloom in late Spring.

And what news of the Founder?

This year, I continue with my cycling efforts (as seen in my profile) though my focus is on studying the effects of psycho-education on stress, anxiety, depression and trauma stabilisation.

This is a fascinating topic involving the body and mind. For every new personal discovery the patient enters into a new age of enlightenment and consequent control- this Renaissance lies at the heart of Pocket Stress Buster.

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