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About Victoria

On May 2nd 2007, I survived a near-fatal car accident when a car drove through me whilst cycle training before work in the London City – and the seed for Pocket Stress Buster (PSB) was sown. 
In 2009 I was diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). Refusing medication, I returned to university to study Psychology to help myself heal naturally, and I became a Registered Psychologist. 
In 2015 another accident stalled me further, but now, the time I needed to heal helped me formulate Pocket Stress Buster. 
In 2017, I returned to cycling adventures, and in 2018 I cycled 1000km of mountainous Vietnam for the charity ‘PTSD Resolution’. 
Exercise continues to be more challenging than it appears, both psychologically and physiologically as the body adjusts and re-adjusts to training, but my experiences have left me in awe of how we can shift and change when we dedicate ourselves to the cause. 
Understanding yourself is paramount to enhancing performance – no matter your goal. 
Trauma is the body’s ultimate stress response, so you can learn much from it to empower the fastest possible change even if you think you aren’t that ill or stressed. As I continue my own journey, I now have a private practice in central London, helping patients to manage stress and achieve their goals. 
This year’s goal is to heal from Long Haul Covid-19 and complete an MSc at Worcester University in EMDR-based and trauma-informed psychotherapy, the only MSc of this kind.
I am a regular participant of international conferences that seek to bring together Neuroscientists, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy to gain a deeper understanding of the conscious experience. 
All the learnings from this course are applied to Pocket Stress Buster’s programme, sustaining its unique proposition, and enhancing your chance for positive change. 
You do not have to suffer from PTSD or have suffered a terrible childhood to benefit from Pocket Stress Buster. 
This programme transfers the latest scientific research into practical lessons, so all you have to do is listen, read, and practice. The question I ask of you is:
“In your increasingly demanding and time-pressurised life, why wouldn’t you want to learn the most effective, and efficient stress management methods to feel calm, in control, and build resilience for the future?”
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