What's covered in the course

Welcome to the first week!

We’re going to start the course by analysing stress – what it is, why we feel it and how we can master it. Biologically speaking, the feeling of stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it can tell us when something isn’t right and when channelled positively it can help us perform. It is how our bodies react that matters, for example feeling stressed or anxious. Here we’ll break down the different responses our mind and body have to stress, and learn some techniques that will give you more control over the way you respond and experience it, helping you instantly break the feeling of tension and stress, from day one

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Week two

Hello! This week we’re going to look at how we judge situations, because this plays a huge part in how stressed they make us. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how the mind works. For example, we often have triggers we’re not aware of. Or, when we’re feeling tired or already stressed, our mind can exaggerate the possible outcome of something, leaving us feeling worse than we need to. The good news is you can actually restructure the way you evaluate situations and replace stress producing thoughts with stress reducing ones instead, keeping you calmer and more focussed at performing on whatever task you need to.

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Week three

It’s week three, and so far we’ve learnt some relaxation techniques and unpicked the way we use negative language to judge situations. Now it’s time to put our new-found skills into practice! In this week’s training I’ll be asking you to think of a highly irritating situation you often find yourself in and would like to handle better – does anything immediately spring to mind? We’re going to revisit that moment, and you will start to practice the techniques you’ve learnt so far. It’s important to keep practicing, to replace the old thought patterns and negative self-statements that have led to feeling stressed in the past. It will take time, but it can be done, and it will be so worth it.

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Week four

Hello and welcome to the fourth week. I’m sure you’ve heard about a little practice called meditation? Well, I’d like to introduce you to a specific type of meditation this week – the Benson Technique, also known as the ‘Relaxation Response’. Dr Herbet Benson helped to demystify meditation by studying the physical effects on the body and finding that meditation was essentially the opposite to the body’s stressful ‘fight or flight’ response. His research showed that during meditation people’s heart rate, muscle tension and brain wave activity changed and after just a month these positive effects filtered into everyday life. So, a very handy tool to have up your sleeve!

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Week five

This week we are introducing a new theme of acceptance and a tool called Diffusion. It’s fantastic for when your mind is racing or when you’re feeling overwhelmed.  Sometimes we can mistake our thoughts for facts, when actually they’re just events in the mind that may, or may not, represent reality. We’ll learn that there is a link between the amount we believe and pay attention to certain thoughts and how much they affect us.  Once we learn that thoughts are just whisperings of the mind, and not anything happening to us in that moment, we can let them go in on ear and out the other, with minimal stress. Diffusion is about accepting these thoughts for what they are and letting them pass over you, like waves.

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Week 6

The final technique we’ll learn is all about distraction. You may have noticed that us humans find it hard to concentrate on more than one thing at once. When stressed, our attention turns to negative thoughts and feeling tense. We can become so focussed on what’s going on in our heads and how we feel that we don’t process other information, sometimes this means we don’t perform as we’d like to. At times like these, being easily distracted is actually a good thing, because we can distract ourselves from the stress! We’ll be teaching you a technique called 5,4,3,2,1 to do just that

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Our Vision

To create a world where everyone has access to the very best psychological tools, teaching and training to live a more enjoyable life, with a calm and confident mindset. Everyone deserves to be happy and through our unique blend of cognitive training and grounding breathing techniques that are delivered through the 6-week programme we will help you to better understand and train both sides of your brain (the old brain and the new brain). Our tools and teachings help you to manage and heal any stressful feelings, and have been scientifically proven to improve mental resilience within just six weeks.



Like any other club, membership will be based on an annual subscription, charged in monthly instalments.  We are happy to note that your investment in us will be investing in you – who knows where it will take you. Take a moment to think what you would like to achieve with it.

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